A typical day at Chapel Hill Kindergarten

Free play is greatly encouraged at Chapel Hill Kindergarten, as children learn through their exploration and discovery during play.  The times below are only a guide and may change slightly so children can follow their interests. 

8:30- Play

Welcome!  Teachers support positive transitions into Kindergarten.

Our environment is set up for exploration and free play.  The curriculum provides space for children to follow their own interests. 

10:00  -   Care moment - Morning tea/kai time

Children are encouraged to make healthy choices from their lunchbox. 

 Group time

We gather together for a Bible story, prayer and music.  

10:45-11:25am  Play

"Children learn through play: by doing, asking questions, interacting with others, devising theories about how things work and then trying them out and by making purposeful use of resources.  As they engage in exploration, they begin to develop attitudes and expectations that will continue to influence their learning throughout their life" (p.46,Te Whāriki, MOE 2017).

Towards the end of this time we will encourage tamariki to help with our tidy up time in preparation for lunch. Encouraging children to tidy alongside teachers promotes respect and value of our property and environment.  These concepts teach life skills such as responsibility and accountability. 

11:45 am Mat time / Farewell

Mid day mat time/ 'Ka Kite' (Farewell) for morning session

Fosters a sense of community and belonging as children contribute and engage in a time of learning, song, dance and fun together.

12:00pm Care moment - Lunch time / Kai time

Children are learning independence as they eat from their own lunch box.  They regulate how much they eat and work out how to open their snacks. 

12.35 pm Play  

The environment is set up with opportunities to challenge both their fine and gross motor skills whilst they work.

2:15 Tidy up time

Towards the end of this free play time we will encourage tamariki to help with our tidy up time in preparation for the end of the day. 

2:20pm  Farewell               

Group time to gather children and say 'Ka Kite' farewell.

3:15pm  Care moment - Afternoon tea/kai time

Children sit alongside their friends as they enjoy a drink and choose food from their lunch box.  


4:00pm   Home time for final all day children
*Please note that the children leaving at 2:30 will be leaving before afternoon tea time.